About The Illinois Council of Police (ICOPs)

What makes the Illinois Council Of Police (ICOPs) different from other organizations that have members who are law enforcement officers? ICOPs is a Union of law enforcement professionals, run by law enforcement officers with the experience, knowledge, and commitment to get the job done.

Contract Grievances:

Unlike other unions, the Illinois Council of Police and our attorneys still write, file and follow up on the time limits through each stage of a grievance. We work for our members. When something occurs on duty, our members call ICOPs and we handle everything with their collaboration and input. We believe a member should never be in the uncomfortable position of confronting their supervisor or Chief about an issue. 

That is what makes ICOPs unique from other unions. We have staff representatives, attorneys, and each chapter can elect their own employee representatives. That allows us to have adequate resources to address any situation and tailor our response. We don’t just show up every few years for an arbitration. 

The ICOPs officers and staff work closely with ICOPs members to negotiate contracts in a professional and timely manner. After a contract is negotiated, ICOPs actively maintains the contract to ensure that it is followed by management. As an Illinois police union, we are ready, willing, and able to represent you in contract negotiations, contract enforcement, internal investigations, and grievances. In order to do that, ICOPs must be designated as your certified Union representative.

We have successfully organized groups under the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board, Illinois Labor Relations Board, and the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board.

Please contact the Illinois Council of Police office for Collective Bargaining Authorization Cards to begin the process of making ICOPs your Union of choice. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (630) 832-6772 or contact us via email.