Join the Illinois Council of Police (ICOPs)

The Illinois Council of Police staff and attorneys can assist you in forming or switching unions. We take groups of all sizes, no matter how small.  If you have an existing union, ICOPs will need signed Election Petition cards.  If you have no union, you will fill out Majority Interest cards. We have successfully organized groups under the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board, Illinois Illinois Labor Relations Board, and the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board.


Contact the Illinois Council of Police office for Collective Bargaining Authorization Cards (or download above) to begin the process of making ICOPs your union. Please note we must have original signatures (no copies) to file the cards. If you have any questions, call us at (630) 832-6772 or contact us via email.

What makes the Illinois Council Of Police (ICOPs) different from other labor organizations?

ICOPs is a union of law enforcement professionals, run by law enforcement officers with the experience, knowledge, and commitment to provide the best service of any union.

Unlike other unions, the Illinois Council of Police staff and our attorneys still write, file, and follow up on the time limits through each stage of a grievance. When something occurs on duty, our members call ICOPs and we handle everything with their collaboration and input. We believe a member should never be in the uncomfortable position of confronting their supervisor or Chief about an issue. 

There is a lot of incorrect information and misconceptions about forming or switching unions. Some points of confusion ICOPs frequently encounters:

  1. If your department forms a union with ICOPs (or switches from your current union to ICOPs), you do not have to give up the fraternal organization you may have, such as a Lodge with the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police. Your fraternal organization and your union are two separate entities and we encourage our members to maintain such associations. You can confirm this information with the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police by contacting them on their website.
  2. You can ONLY change unions during a brief period before your contract expires, or while your contract is expired. 

    “Now isn’t the time, let’s negotiate the contract and look at switching unions after.”  Unfortunately, some people mislead union members into believing they can negotiate a contract and decide later, thus denying them of their right to select their representatives. You cannot negotiate a contract, then make a change in unions except in very limited circumstances where a petition is already filed before the contract is signed. Source: Section 1210.35 of the Illinois Labor Relations Board Rules and Regulations

  3. ALL ICOPs Chapters have access to ICOPs attorneys. Other unions try to dissuade prospective ICOPs members by claiming that only ICOPs police members have access to our attorneys. That is FALSE. All chapters and members can utilize our attorneys for contract bargaining and disciplinary issues.