File Objection to Amendment HB 163

Chapter Representatives,

HB 163 is being voted on tomorrow and if passed it will strip you of all your rights as a Law Enforcement Officer in Illinois. Please go to the attached link and oppose this Bill. It is imperative that you have every officer, family member, and any friend you’ve ever have oppose this Bill. We need to flood them with our objections.

Please follow the below instructions to submit your objection:

1. After opening the link, click on create witness slip.
2. Fill out all of the required fields.
3. Under the II. REPRESENTATION section, please type in your Department.
4. Under III. POSITION section, select Subject Matter HB 163 and click on ‘Opponent’.
5. Under IV. TESTIMONY section, click on ‘Record of Appearance Only’.
5. Agree to the terms
6. Click on Create Slip