ICOPs Legal Plan – Affordable Legal Protection

Police Officers all over Illinois have come to rely on the ICOPs Legal Plan — the best protection available when careers and reputations are on the line. It is a level of legal protection that is not available anywhere else. Hundreds of Illinois Police Officers have been accused, disciplined, suspended, or fired for actions taken during their normal police work. You may end up as the one being accused. That’s when you count on the ICOPs Legal Plan.

Download the ICOPS Legal Plan Application and return by mail or email. Call ICOPs if you have any questions: (630) 832-6772.

ICOPs attorneys are on-call and available 24 hours a day
They are on the spot, from memorandums all the way up to merit board hearings and higher.

Some examples of the types of assistance our attorneys have provided in the middle of the night:

  • Officer involved shootings
  • Fatal car accidents
  • Questions about report preparation
  • Advice on contacting Felony Review

ICOPs members get immediate legal backup
Where other unions may send a business agent to represent Police Officers, ICOPs sends an attorney. An ICOPs attorney will be on the case the instant you take any action that may result in accusations against you.

The ICOPs Legal Plan’s coverage is extensive
Departmental charges can be brought against a Police Officer for use of excessive force, for failure to follow a direct order or for not dotting i’s on a report. The ICOPs Legal Plan applies to all job-related discipline problems — whether they originate from within the police department, from citizen complaints, or from an outside agency that has jurisdiction. 

The ICOPs Legal Plan is open to ALL Illinois Police Officers
The ICOPs Legal Plan is available to all full and part-time Police Officers and other law enforcement personnel in Illinois, including command staff. In this climate, all Police Officers, regardless of assignment, need legal protection.

Groups or Individuals
The ICOPs Legal Plan is available as part of a group membership or an individual membership.

ICOPs group membership covers all members
Who are in a collective bargaining unit where ICOPs is the official Union representative of Police Officers. ICOPs group membership includes contract negotiations and contract enforcement.

ICOPs individual membership
Covers members who are not part of an ICOPs collective bargaining unit.

Download the ICOPS Legal Plan Application and return by mail or email. Call ICOPs if you have any questions: (630) 832-6772.


The ICOPs Legal Plan does not cover criminal charges, EEOC or similar complaints, workman’s compensation, or filing of lawsuits. If you have an issue outside the legal plan coverage, please call our office and we can assist you finding proper representation.