Member Benefits

ICOPs offers several benefits to our members at no additional cost. If you are a member in good standing, you are eligible for the benefits as indicated.

Life Insurance

All full-time* dues-paying members receive a $7,500 life insurance policy provided by The Standard at no additional cost. The policy includes a line of duty benefit, as well as AD&D coverage. Learn more about this benefit. Complete a beneficiary form and email completed form to

Credit Union

All members, sworn and non-sworn, and qualifying family, are eligible to join the National Police Credit Union. Legal Plan members are also eligible. The Credit union offers a wide variety of financial products including, mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, and various banking options. Their loans carry “line of duty insurance.” Should a member be killed in the line of duty, they are eligible for up to $850,000 in loan forgiveness on eligible products.  Learn more and sign up at the National Police Credit Union website. If you do not have your membership card when signing up, don’t worry; the Credit Union will contact the ICOPs office for verification.

Criminal and Civil Defense Plan

ICOPs has partnered with the Professional Law Enforcement Association to offer a discount on their TeamLegal plan.** For $96 annually, TeamLegal coverage includes legal costs associated with duty related Civil and Criminal incidents. The coverage is paid in full when the member uses a plan attorney. It also covers some off duty incidents and includes a $5,000 AD&D policy. Visit their website for more information. Click on the “TeamLegal” tab to sign up. E-mail for your member discount code.

Personal Legal Plan

The MetLife Legal Plan covers legal expenses for ICOPs Members that are unrelated to the coverage provided by ICOPs and our other partners. The MetLife plan covers personal matters, such as traffic tickets, wills, deeds, adoption, document review, real estate transactions, and a lot more. This plan is optional and costs $25 per month. Click here to learn more. Members can click here to sign up.


Member Discount Program

ICOPs has partnered with Abenity, an industry leader in discount network programs, to offer members great discounts on a wide variety of products and services. Through their website and mobile app, Abenity offers discounts on both local and national brands for dining, travel, appliances, tax preparation, and more. They even offer discounts on Disney vacations. Members can sign up here.

Emergency Travel Assistance

Provided by The Standard, all full-time dues paying members* receive Travel Assistance coverage. This coverage applies to the member, their spouse, and eligible dependents up to 25. This coverage assists in emergencies when you travel more than 100 miles from your home. It provides for passport replacement, replace lost medication, provide cash advances for hospital admission, emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility, and more. Services can be requested via the Assist America Mobile App or call (800) 872-1414. The ICOPs Emergency Line CANNOT coordinate this benefit. Learn more about this benefit here.

Professional Indemnity Insurance 

This is optional coverage that members can opt-in and purchase directly though HILB Group. Police Shield offers tiers of coverage up to $250,000 in indemnity for on-duty incidents. This policy covers allegations of excessive force, false arrest, improper search, and more. Click here for more information. Apply for coverage at

Notary Service

ICOPs has multiple staff members who are licensed notaries. If a member needs something notarized, please reach out to the ICOPs office to arrange a time to come in to have your documents notarized free of charge.




*Full time means 30 hours per week as defined by The Standard. Excludes legal plan members.

**This plan is optional and is billed and administered directly by PLEA. ICOPs does not coordinate claims. Refer to the Summary Plan Description for a complete description of coverage, limitations and exclusions.

Certificate of Insurance disclosure