ILETSB Officer Training Portal

The ILTESB Officer Portal for monitoring compliance with the SAFE-T Act is now live.  Click here to register for an account. Officers will need their PTB ID to register. PTBs can be found here.

Under the Act individual officers, not departments, are responsible for ensuring and reporting compliance.  You can read the statute here. There are provisions for obtaining waivers if your department does not provide the correct training, but ICOPs recommends our members do not rely on waivers. Contact ICOPs if you are having trouble obtaining training. 

Contacting Public Officials

If you have a complaint about your department, call us. ICOPs is always ready to assist! But if you’re concerned about a broader issue that applies to Police Officers or public employees in Illinois everywhere, why not contact your elected public officials and make your views known? It makes a difference.

Find your elected officials here.

Useful Links for Illinois Police Officers

Federal Bureau of Investigation
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Justice – Office of Justice Programs
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
National Labor Relations Board
Official Illinois senate and house of representatives related websites
Criminal Law Handbook and Case Digest
Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry website, where retired officers will find all the information and forms needed to secure certification in Illinois.
Illinois Labor Relations Act
Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act